Men Photography

Men Portraits in Nature and Men Street Photography

In my experience, when it comes to photography, men are much less excited about having their photos taken in an Indoor Studio than women. As a photographer, this means that I may have to do a little extra work to get great shots unless I am working with someone who is experienced in front of the camera. What I learned over the years, is that men are more relaxed in front of the camera in Outdoor settings. They generally show more strength & style in nature and street photography.

Man Photo in closed space
Man Photo in front of green river
Photo of a Man fishing in a river
Man Hanging from Train photo

Man chopping wood
Man leaning on rustic door
Man leaning against brick wall
Man posing in-front of a graffiti wall

Man posing near train
Man inside train
Man posing between narrow walls
Man posing at distance

Man portait thinking
Man posing sad portait
Man sitting inside train station window
Man hanging from train photo

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