KPIs, Benchmarks and Other Metrics

21 Best KPIs to Use for a Successful Marketing Plan

After you define your marketing objectives and goals, you will need to figure out how to measure them effectively. You need to find out what are your key performance indicators or KPIs.

A successful marketing plan requires placing numbers against each of your marketing objectives. These numbers are known as Metrics, KPIs and benchmarks.

A Metric is a value or a number, any indicator which you can use to measure the performance of something, in marketing this something is your goal or objective.

A KPI stands for Key performance indicator, this means it is also a Metric, but not any metric, its a key metric. You assign a KPI to your goal in order to defines and measure the meaning of success for your marketing plan.

In this video I will share 21 of the most popular Key Performance Indicators that you can use in your Marketing Strategy.

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