Building User Personas

Digital Marketing Plan - Step 1

A buyer persona also known as a user persona is a representation of your ideal customer, personas are based on real data from your existing customer base and also from market research.

The first step in any marketing strategy, would be to know who you are marketing to. So you need start with building a detailed buyer persona.

The reason we build a User persona is to provide structure and context to our business. After we build our personas, we can start to segment and map our content based on the different personas that we have.

Your User personas can be built through researching, surveying, and interviewing your business target audience. Remember you need to build the personas from real data, from those who are buying your products not from fictional or made up scenarios.

Making assumptions about your users can cause your marketing strategy to take the wrong turn and you don’t want that, especially that many of the subsequent steps of a marketing plan rely heavily on user personas.

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